The United Arts Media Group is currently working to establish Northwest Pennsylvania’s first fully functional and all encompassing arts educational program that would include studies in the areas of Creative Drawing & Painting, Theatrical Production, Filmmaking and Videography, along with Creative Writing.

Students discover new ways to express their imagination in a way that appeals to the senses and emotions. Students spend the summer expressing themselves through many aspects of visual, performing and the written arts, and then share their art projects with family, friends and the general public during special exhibitions and performances.

Our courses differ from the usual; the instructors are professional artists, filmmakers, and writers who have a passion for bestowing their creativity unto young people.

Research shows that one of the most effective ways to influence youth to say no to a chemical high, is to recognize that their own creativity can be a healthy alternative.

Our mission also includes helping them learn skills that will assist them in making decisions that will benefit their lives. We try to challenge the students into deciding what they stand for, where they want to go, and what obstacles are in their way. We try to provide tools that they can use to evaluate relationships, deal with pressure, and cope with disappointments. But mostly, we try to show them that there are people who care about them, even if they often believe otherwise.

Our art based education programs are in an excellent position to provide young people with skills that enable them to address conflicts while also encouraging them to express themselves creatively, work with positive role models, and discuss their experiences through the arts. Our community arts program builds on this foundation and helps young people manage their disputes by incorporating conflict resolution education into our programming. Conflict resolution helps create a safe environment in which to learn, and provides youths with life skills that can be used in all facets of their lives.

Arts-based organizations benefit from such training by being able to provide youths with a program that helps build self-respect, respect of differences, and social responsibility, while also providing them skills and processes that help peacefully manage conflicts. Arts organizations already lay a foundation for peaceful conflict resolution by creating a safe environment that encourages the active and open expression of ideas.

Offered affordably to all and made available to anyone who has a deep desire and interest in the art of film, theater, writing and the arts in general, the Youth In Education Program will bring the “Arts” into the life of any youth in our region who has a desire to develop and share his/her gifts with the world.