The United Arts Media Group is working toward establishing the first of its kind, complete, state-of-the-art soundstage complex with facilities that would rival those in Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York, which would be available to all independent film makers.

This facility would house a state-of-the-art training, sound stage, film and video production complex that embraces a variety of filmmaking functions in a totally integrated and dynamic setting. This facility will bring in business and finances for all, and substantially invigorate the local Erie area economy.

The 162,036-square-foot film and video complex will house various production, post-production and exhibition activities, and would serve as a “back lot environment” where exterior scenes with a variety of looks can be filmed. The village would include several key buildings that are fashioned in a range of architectural styles and facades from Main Street, USA to the Chicago “El.” One of the key objectives of the complex is to build facilities that have a range of scale from the large block sound stage buildings to smaller structures, such as a brick classroom building. Included in this complex would be a 4,000 square feet, specialized, state-of-the-art music recording stage, large enough to accommodate an entire 100-piece symphony orchestra, designed to record live music for inclusion in film productions.

Electrical and other utility outlets would be staged throughout the film and video complex so that filmmakers can easily support their equipment without running long lines of cable. The entire inner compound is designed so that exterior filming can take place undisturbed, with access to the facilities available around the perimeter of the filming area.

Three sound stages varying in size from 8,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet would provide professional production environments for film and video projects. The main stage shall boast a 36-feet-to-the-grid workspace, and an overhead lighting grid.

Production volumes in the film and video industry for production companies have exceeded $60 million over the past year. A $20-million increase in production is expected as a result of growing demand in the independent film industry. Each large film production requires a ‘cast of hundreds’.

Every $10 million in annual production volume generates about 110 film industry jobs. For a typical production, about 30 per cent of the budget is spent on services such as hotels, food, vehicle rentals, construction materials, equipment rental and insurance. For example, based on a $25 million production, budgets would fund 4,400 hotel rooms, 63,000 catered meals, $310,000 in vehicle rentals and $1.25 million in equipment rentals.

It is in all these ways and more that we hope to continue advancing and enhancing independent film in both our region, and through out the world.

The United Arts Media Group takes great pride and pleasure in being able to provide our community with unique and outstanding projects where the entire local area can benefit.