One of the goals of the United Arts Media Group is establish Northwest Pennsylvania’s first of its kind, state-of-the-art film and art learning campus that thus far has been named the “Great Lakes Film and Arts Institute” that will be designed to rival those of any in our Country.

While focusing on education in the cinematic arts, the Great Lakes Film and Arts Institute will also instruct individuals in arts of all kinds such as music, painting, sculpture, and arts of an abstract nature. In doing this we will overall enhance the arts climate in general in this region.

Our agenda would include weekly workshops instructed by such film industry professionals as world famous make-up artist Tom Savini; director Bobby Logan, most famous for the Naked Gun Films; director Oscar Daniels, who’s credits include Among Thieves; Academy Award-winning make-up effects wizard Stan Winston; Stuart Freeborn, known for his excellent make-up artistry on the first Star Wars trilogy, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Superman, and Sarah Monzani, who over the last 20 years, has captivated audiences with looks that she has created for dozens of acclaimed Hollywood films, including The Next Best Thing, Angela’s Ashes, Alien, Midnight Express, interview with a Vampire, and Quest for Fire. She has also teamed up with Max Factor.

The classes offered at the Great Lakes Film and Arts Institute will not be limited to directing and make-up, but will encompass all areas of filmmaking which would include editing, cinematography, lighting, pre-production, postproduction, sound, visual effects, FX effects, screenwriting, animation, film interpretation, theology, casting, and of course not forgetting acting itself.

The post-production facilities would be intended to fully train students in editing and sound in both traditional and non-linear editing systems and equipment, and eventually separating the concentrations with the latter, incorporating sound design, sound effects creation and sound recording.

Over all, the Great Lakes Film and Arts Institute would provide a “hands-on” learning environment second to none in our region, and offer its students the opportunity to learn from the best artists and filmmakers our world has to offer.