Executive Consultants offers our vast collective knowledge in the Film Industry to filmmakers, producers, writers, competitions and festivals, along with other film related entities, and will assist those of our industry as consultants and advisors in order to help budding new members of the Film Industry grow, expand and flourish.

Executive Consultants also has, and can act as a conduit for those newly formed non-profit organizations which have not yet obtained their 501c (3) I.R.S. Determination, assisting such organizations in seeking out and obtaining much needed grant and other funding opportunities.

Executive Consultants offers a full range of professional consulting and production services to communities, nations, film festivals, distribution companies and filmmakers around the world.

With thousands of film festivals in the world competing for public and media attention, it is vital for each event to foster a distinct identity. Executive Consultants works with each client to focus its mission, strengthen programming, and develop strategies to realize the event’s full potential.

If you’re looking to start a film festival, Executive Consultants has a team of festival veterans with a wealth of experience and expertise, offering the broad range of support necessary for new events to achieve success.

Executive Consultants offers film festivals access to a comprehensive overview of current and upcoming festival films. We also offer clients the option of having our programming team develop specialized programs in a variety of themes and genres.

Executive Consultants provides customized services to studios, distributors and filmmakers seeking guidance and support in developing festival, market and distribution strategies. We can also assist clients in servicing film festival requests and offering counsel on marketing and release campaigns.

Executive Consultants experienced staff can customize a professional services package to fit the needs, and most importantly the budget of any organization.

For more information about Executive Consultants, our services, or a free consultation, please contact us.