With minor exceptions, Erie’s theaters virtually ignore foreign, independent and Documentary films despite the fact that there is a large art and cultural community in Erie County. The United Arts Media Group will continue to fill that void. Offering alternative cinema allowing the public a chance to see these movies locally, keeping the crowd that normally travels to Pittsburgh and Cleveland here at home.

In the coming days we will further pursue our mission in several ways which include, expanding our educational outreach to include, establishing the first film arts and entertainment venue that will be open daily to the public to enjoy.

Again, with extremely rare exceptions, not one theater or college in the local Erie area offers the public screenings of classic movies, and none of them have ever presented an entire night dedicated to one particular genre of film or an evening featuring the work of one particular filmmaker or star.

The United Arts Media Group will endeavor to make this a thing of the past, presenting classic and forgotten films of all genres to the people of this area.

Our Entertainment venue will focus on presenting weekly productions of Art, Music, off Broadway Theatre, Poetry, Comedy, and film events that will offer our Community essentially a one-stop-shop for all of their Arts and Entertainment needs and wants.